Orbit & Oculoplasty

Includes eyelid surgery, socket surgery and removal of orbital tumors.


The Orbit & Oculoplasty subspecialty at Shroff Eye Centre is a distinct subspecialty in ophthalmology, which deals with the various diseases of the eyelids and orbits (sockets). These include a vast spectrum of disorders and are managed by Oculoplastic surgeons who are highly trained in the field.

Orbital diseases

Orbital diseases involve the tissues lying in the bony socket. Generally the eyeball protrudes from its socket, producing a widening of the eyelids. Sometimes the patient does not blink frequently, developing a staring gaze. This may be the result of an endocrine disorder (thyroid disease), inflammation in the orbit or a tumor. Generally these lesions require investigations including CT scan and MRI. Treatment varies from case to case and may involve medical treatment, surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or a combination of these.


Lid tumors

A suspicious lid mass needs excision, examination under microscope and reconstruction of the resultant lid defect..

Lid injury    

Apart from being cosmetically unacceptable, any irregularity of the lid margin is functionally detrimental to the eye, as lid defects may fail to cover the cornea fully and provide adequate lubrication.


Lacrimal passage diseases :

Lid margin abnormalities – Ectropion, Entropion










Lid margin abnormalities – Trichiasis


‘Drooping’ of the eyelid can be present from birth or develop later in old age.